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How to confirm a suitable shrink wrapping machine for products?

发布者:睿远机械   发布时间:2022/8/3

Do you have trouble that how to confirm a suitable shrink wrapping machine for your products? Follow www.rypack.cn, Ruiyuan Machinery will provide you the best machine solutions:

When talk with the supplier, check with them the below points to confirm the suitable machine model:

1. Provide the min and max products dimensions (including length, width and height), confirm with the supplier the suitable machine model packing range whether suitable.

2. Check the machine packing range limited, especially the machine have width + height sealing range limit.

3. Check the shrink tunnel oven size whether suitable for wrapping the maximum product size.

4. If can courier products sample to test the machine in factory is better.

5. Pay attention to the after sale service, choose the factory is a good choice rather than a trading company.