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[Latest Shipping] Sri Lanka RL-400 Automatic Shrink Packing Machine

发布者:睿远机械   发布时间:2022/8/22

Wenzhou Ruiyuan Machinery shipped our machine RL-400 automatic heat shrink packing machine to Sri Lanka. This machine project was built in a shor time and could be transported to abroad quickly because we just had stock for basic structure in our factory. ( 7days in producing + 15days for vessle sail).

The customer purchased this machine is for shrink wrapping coco brick, we do the customized line to meet the user's requirements. Machine including automatic paper labeling machine, infeed chain conveyor, automatic L sealer and shrink tunnel.

Ruiyuan Machinery is the manufacturer of all kinds of shrink packaging machines and conveyors. We have over 20 years engineer teams, customized solutions for the machines are provided according to customers products and factory space.

If you want a high quality shrink wrap machine, welcome to contact with essie@rypacker.com.