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About US

Since 2005

Ruiyuan is a technology-based enterprise, a professional manufacturer of automatic heat shrink packing machinery. In shrink wrapping industry, we have always been a pioneer in the improvements, always targeted high-quality packaging machines without compromise in quality.
We are well known for providing the highest quality in packaging appearance, machine availability and efficiency. Many machines from Ruiyuan often accompany our customers throughout their working life. Our ISO and CE certified shrink packing equipment including automatic L sealer, automatic continuous sealer, automatic horizontal flow sealer and automatic sleeve sealer, shrink tunnel, etc.
The broad scope of expertise of Ruiyuan engineers have led the company to develop an equally wide range of machinery, capable of solving virtually any shrink packaging problem. Besides the complete shrink wrapping systems, Ruiyuan also produces customized projects on infeed and discharge automation such as products package grouping, automatic feeding, paper inserting, product aligning, rotating and labeling etc. No matter where you are we have a suitable shrink packaging solution for your products!


Brand is the symbol of reputation and strength, and the banner of rallying fighting spirit and talents

Ruiyuan machinery continues to strengthen brand construction, constantly enrich brand connotation, comprehensively display the brand characteristics of "strength, stability, innovation, professionalism and affinity", and comprehensively improve the enterprise's brand awareness, reputation and loyalty!


corporate culture

For customers(Provide thoughtful comprehensive system services)、For shareholders(Achieve sustained return on capital appreciation)

For employees(Create a good space for career development)、For society(Contribute your strength wholeheartedly)

Enterprise vision

Focus on the industry brand of "automatic heat shrinkable packaging machine"

Enterprise values

Innovation (Exploring the future), passion (overcoming difficulties and dangers), integrity (based on the world) and harmony (contributing to the society).

Faith based

Ruiyuan machinery regards credit as the foundation of its business. When the credit commitment conflicts with the interests of the enterprise, it adheres to the value of taking credit first, realizes its commitment to society and consumers, maintains the good reputation and goodwill of the enterprise in the market, and realizes the sustainable development of the enterprise.

Wisdom is the source of profit

Ruiyuan machinery adheres to the value of "financial wisdom first", which is embodied in scientific research and development, product value growth, brand promotion and many other aspects. Establish a sound talent mechanism and a smooth channel for knowledge accumulation, dissemination and sharing, provide a broad development platform for talents, and make financial intelligence the foundation and source for us to obtain the maximum value.