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The machine solutions for garbage bag roll shrink wrap machine

发布者:睿远机械   发布时间:2022/7/19

If you are the factory of garbage bag rolls manufacturer, you must want to get a high quality and fast speed shrink wrap machine to save your labor cost as well as market expand.

Wenzhou Ruiyuan Machinery machine model RS-590A automatic heat shrink packing machine is designed with three servo motors controller, it adopts rotating sealing blade. The machine can ensure the garbage bag rolls be packaged with high packing speed (about 150 packs per minute), also a tight and beautiful shrinking effect. The sealing knife structure can make the waste film few needed thus help the factory save the film cost.

If you want to get a good quality shrink wrapping machine for your factory, welcome to contact essie@rypacker.com. Thank you.